Create dynamic user output (server side)

renderUser(expr, env = parent.frame(), quoted = FALSE, outputArgs = list())



An expression that returns a Shiny tag object, HTML(), or a list of such objects.


The parent environment for the reactive expression. By default, this is the calling environment, the same as when defining an ordinary non-reactive expression. If expr is a quosure and quoted is TRUE, then env is ignored.


If it is TRUE, then the quote()ed value of expr will be used when expr is evaluated. If expr is a quosure and you would like to use its expression as a value for expr, then you must set quoted to TRUE.


A list of arguments to be passed through to the implicit call to uiOutput() when renderUI is used in an interactive R Markdown document.

See also

userOutput for the corresponding client side function and examples.

Other user outputs: userOutput()